Why Tellja for my shop?

Because e-commerce can no longer be imagined without digital Referral Marketing. With the combination of our online tools and Referral Marketing, Tellja provides unique oppor­tunities in the Web 2.0 age. You can acquire customers for your products in a structured and efficient way.

Our integrated Referral Marketing makes your enthusiastic customers micropublishers and generates an additional sales force for your products and services.

The charming thing about this solution is that you do not pay the expenditure for new customers to Google or an affiliate company, but your customers take charge of sales for you. This is 100% more credible and reliable than any other online sales instrument you have been using so far.

This is where Tellja scores!

With our Tellja monitoring you can see and control exactly how much you wish to spend on a new customer.

This is what makes us different from other CPO-based business models. You do not pay “third parties“, but remunerate or reward friends of your products or your shop to acquire further customers.

This makes not only your customers happy, but also your company. And precisely this is the double happy effect we wish to achieve for you!

And your brand is strengthened too. For regardless of whether the referral is success­ful or not – with the referral your product is communicated positively to the outside world.

And so satisfied customers become brand ambassadors for your company!

Tellja customers acquire customers

You wish to strengthen your image, look after existing customers and gen­erate new customers?

We offer you our online customers acquire customers system. Easy, quick and inexpen­sive to install, you can dramatically increase your acquisition of new customers and make a lasting impression on your existing customers.

What does this specifically mean? We achieve an average conversion rate of 37% with the companies for which we work!

To put it plainly: From 100 referrals made using the Tellja solution 37 real new custom­ers are acquired!

The double happy effect: satisfied customers generate new customers.

Did you know that you no longer reach one-third of your customers with classical advertis­ing?

These customers inform themselves exclusively by way of friends and acquaintances. They are the trusted informants when it comes to offers, products and services. Just think when you last referred something or had something referred to you!

Tellja Basic and Tellja Brand-Plus can easily be integrated into your webshop.

  Tellja Basic Tellja Brand-Plus
Technology Widget or pop-up Widget or pop-up
Widget design Tellja Standard
(Colours adaptable to your web design. Text colour freely selectable)
Design according to cus­tomer specification (adaptable to your corpo­rate design. Text colour and texts freely selectable)
Referral e-mail Tellja Standard or design according to customer specifi­cation (adaptable to your cor­porate design at extra charge) Design according to cus­tomer specification (adaptable to your corpo­rate design)
Customer contact e-mails Tellja Standard Texts and designs ac­cording to your specifi­cations
Suitable for several campaigns yes yes
Number of bonuses up to 5 freely definable
Gifts yes yes
Cash bonuses yes yes
Voucher bonuses yes yes
Own shop vouchers at extra charge yes
Online vouchers yes yes
Account management at extra charge yes
Call center 10 inquiries per month free of charge 10 inquiries per month free of charge
Facebook integration yes yes
Referrer portal Tellja Standard Design according to cus­tomer specification (adaptable to your corpo­rate design)
Referrer activation possible yes
Multi-referrer program possible yes

Please contact us if you would like technical details or more information!