Referral Marketing customized to your needs

Easy to implement

The implementation is simple and possible in every website. It's as simple as an affiliate program.

Mobile optimized - fully responsive

Our responsive solution looks gorgeous on every screen size - desktops, tablets and smart phones.

From professionals for professionals

Our skilled and experienced online team supports you throughout the entire process, from implementation through to launch. But it doesn't stop there. Long term support includes reporting, reviews and improvements.

App integration

The Tellja solution provides modern, open APIs for easy integration into multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

Real-time monitoring

We provide a visual dashboard with real time data and fast slicing and dicing analysis of trends as well as the ability to export the data into your data warehouse. This is complemented by standard monthly and highly customized special reports.

Tracking integration

Not only are we easy to integrate into tag management systems, we also provide the option to integrate your web tracking solution into our widget.

Social Sharing

It is easy to integrate Tellja into your Facebook page. We also support Facebook and WhatsApp as first class citizens for fast, easy and social recommendations, reaching a wide audience.

Flexible Reward types

Cash Rewards
Online Vouchers
(Multishop-) Vouchers

Support made by Tellja

We provide the support for all referral process related questions. No need for your call centre to be trained to handle our system.

Referral portal

Every referrer receives access to our platform, where they can not only track the status of open recommendations but also send new ones. This transparent approach is user friendly and minimizes support.
If desired, we can customize your community with your branding!

Offline Integration

Our solution is fully compatible with offline channels.

Highly customizable to your brand

Tellja is the single provider who offers a full look & feel customization of every part of the referral process (Widget, Emails, Referrer Portal)! This puts the focus on your brand.