FAQs and short answers

1. How much can I earn?

Your successful referrals are worth cash. Recommend Virgin Media products to your friends and acquaintances and you will receive cash rewards of up to £ 100.

2. Do I have to be a customer of Virgin Media to make referrals?

No, those interested in products of Virgin Media can also recommend Virgin Media and receive cash rewards as a thank you for successful referrals to friends.

3. Where can I find an overview of the rewards I have earned?

On our Referral Portal you can find a detailed overview of your referrals, their status, and the rewards you earned. You will receive access data for our Referral Portal by e-mail after you have sent your first referral (important notice: This is also where you will specify the bank account to which you would like us to transfer cash rewards). In addition, our Referral Portal will at any time provide you with access to the following information:

  • The current balance of all rewards you have earned, and all rewards that have been paid
  • Statistics about all online orders that have resulted from your referrals
  • Your personal data, which you can update at any time
  • Your bank account, which you can change at any time
  • Your access data for the personal area.

4. How and when will receive cash rewards?

You will receive your reward when the recipient follows your referral and orders a product from Virgin Media.

After a contract has been concluded, Virgin Media will provide Tellja with clearance of payment for the reward. The review of whether a contract has been concluded generally takes ten to twelve weeks from activation (delivery) of the product, but in some cases can take up to four months. The reward will be transferred to your bank account in the months following receipt of clearance from Virgin Media.

5. I have received no access data. What can I do?

You will receive your personal access data by e-mail immediately after you have sent your first referral mail.

If you receive no e-mail with your access data, this may be due to one of several reasons:

The e-mail ended up in your spam folder: your spam folder will generally collect e-mails that were sent to you, but for various reasons are not shown directly in your inbox. Please check your spam folder to see whether our e-mail was received. Some e-mail providers also call the spam folder "junk mail" or "unwanted e-mails."

Found no e-mail from Tellja in your spam folder? In that case, you can click the link "Forgot password" on our website https://virginmedia.tellja.eu to receive a new password.

You have provided the wrong e-mail address: in that case, please contact our support desk by e-mail at virginmedia@tellja.eu or call us at: +44-(0)20-38850004. You can reach us Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (except on legal holidays and on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day).

6. Can I send multiple referrals?

Yes, you can send any number of referrals each calendar month, but you cannot send the same referral more than once to the same recipient.

Please remember: under our terms and conditions you may send referrals only if you have made sure that the recipient will not feel bothered by the e-mail and has agreed to receive the e-mail. Otherwise you might lose reward rights or your account may be blocked.

7. Was my referral successful?

Our Referral Portal will provide you with an overview of the status of your referral at any time. We distinguish between status and premium status:




The referral was made. The recipient has not yet decided whether to follow the referral.


The referral was successful, i.e., the recipient has followed the referral and has placed an order.


The referral was successful and has been confirmed by Virgin Media.


The referral was unfortunately unsuccessful.


8. What happens if the recipient of the referral purchases the product either without clicking the referral link or if the link to the product has expired?

In that case, we unfortunately cannot pay a reward. Rewards can be paid only for referrals that were made online using the "Customer Referral Program." To do so, the recipient must click on the referral link in the referral mail and order the recommended product online within 30 days. Note that the recipient of the referral must activate cookies during the entire referral process.

9. Why did my referral not count?

A referral counts only if the recipient follows the referral within 30 days using the link in the referral mail, purchases the recommended product or another product from Virgin Media online, activates cookies during the entire referral process (see also Section 8), the product is delivered to the referred customer, and the referred customer does not exercise his/her right of revocation.

Cookies facilitate the storage of certain information, e.g., during the ordering process, over an extended time period.

10. Why can I not log in?

There may be several reasons:

You are on the wrong website: Please check that you are on the website https://virginmedia.tellja.eu. Only if you are on this website, will you be able to log into your personal area for the referral program of Virgin Media.

You are using the wrong access data: you will receive access data from Tellja for the referral program of Virgin Media. Please use only those access data to log into the referral program of Virgin Media at https://virginmedia.tellja.eu.

You have forgotten your access data: on the login page of your Referral Portal you will find the link "Forgot password." Please click this link and follow the instructions on the next page.

If you have any questions about your referral, please contact us at virginmedia@tellja.eu or call us at: +44-(0)20-38850004. You can reach us Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (except on legal holidays and on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day).

If you have any questions about products of Virgin Media, please call one of the Virgin Media service hotlines. You will find the appropriate number for your question on the website of Virgin Media under Contact Us.